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Gretchen's Live Journal

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13th April 2010

4:56pm: The Indignity!
I have a kitty box house for my litter box.  I really like it.  But today it decided it didn't like me and shut me out with a floppy thing.  I tried and tried but couldn't get in to go pee and poo.  Oh...I am almost too embarrassed to say it!  I had to do by bunny buzyisness on the floor!!!
Current Mood: distressed

11th April 2010

10:18pm: What has Gretchen been up to?
Hi everybun!  I hop that all had a hoppy easter!  I got to play in the backyard.  Mom and Dad are putting in a fence for me and the woof.  yes.  he is still live.  He is 18 years around the sun! 

A weerd thing happened to my i's today.  My grand-dad 2 foot picked me up and my mommy was trying to get something off my neck and my eyes started to act like they were going to come out of me head!  It was sscarey!  My mom saved me and had me put down and then I was fine.

I also had trauma when my 2foot cut my nails.  I am just used and abused.

XXOO Gretchen Bun

3rd January 2010

6:56pm: Oh No
The furs near my tail is jumping out!


24th December 2009

10:43pm: Hoppy Chrismoose to Everybun!
thank you for the Chrismoose cards to everybun!  I was looking through those from this year and last year and I miss all my bunny friends.  I will try to be better about writing in my jounral.  And next year I will send Chrismoose cards again.  Pleeze don't forget me.

My mommy and daddy are getting settled soon to a noo house.  I have a free story condo I love and get to spend lots of time with mommy and daddy.  I am very happy.  My daddy is getting better from hiz innjury to his brains last year.  It takes long time for 2foot brains to fix themsleves...but he is on the mends and get bettters all the time. Sometimes he is sad and mad though, but I can cheer him up.

Sorry I did not mail moose cards this yeres. I promise to mail next year.  I am buzy taking care of my 2 footts.  It is a big job.

Gretchen Bun

26th October 2009

8:05pm: Noise and Stuff
I scratched at the plywood floor and snapped my feet to get the floor to make a thumping sound. My food is delicious, but I don't get enough of it.   My noise annoys my daddy, but he still loves me. 

23rd October 2009

6:13pm: Being Eaten
The dog approaced multiple times tothink that I was rwally food. I tossed several peices of real food to the floor and the dogs payed more attention to the food thn me.

(My daddy is going to be helping me with my livejournal) 

5th June 2009

9:13pm: My Mommy and Daddy

I miss my old life with my mommy and daddy.  But things are slowly returning to a new normal.  The picture was taken just last week.  That is my mommy and my daddy.  My daddy doesn't have toobs anymore and misses me very much.  I am living with my grand 2foots while my daddy gets better.  I plan to move back in with my 2foots soon.  

My daddy is much better, but he will be different daddy probably.  That could be good or it could be bad.  The 2 foot vet seems to think that he will be okay, but that it will take 2 trips around the sun.  He talks very loud and is confoozed a lot.  He is also easily mad by the things that he can't do.  And his memry is poor.  Although he does member me.  He just can't remember what day it is or what he supposed to do. 

It has been 7 big moons since the big box hit my mommy and daddy.  I don't know why 2foots have to ride in those stoopid things.  

If anybun wants on my mommy's email list for my daddy's recovery, email her at jennigribble@mac.com

4th April 2009

8:32am: My new Condo
Here is a picture of my mommy and daddy building my new condo.


3rd April 2009

6:57pm: I'm Back...My Nooo Normal!
 I have been gone a long time.  Thank you everybun for the chrismoose cards, vibes, and well-wishes for my daddy to get better.   They have been working.  

In those first few days, I didn't understand what had happened to my daddy, but now I can explain.  A box with wheels pulled out and hit them and then another great big truck hit the box on my daddy's side.  His lungs were injured and he had lots of broken bones, and he hit is head and injured his brain.  That is why he was so sleepy in the beginning.  He did not have to have surgery on his head, and the nurses told my mommy that he would be okay, but it would take a long time. 

And it  does take a long time for a 2foots brain to heel.  You wouldn't think it, but it does. I know!!

My daddy went to a rehab center after he was safe.  He stayed there 4 months.  He had to remember how to talk, walk, and eat again while he was there.  He now is out of the hospital.  My daddy, my mommy, me, and the woof are all living with my grand 2foots right now.  My daddy needs to get a bit better before we all move back home.  And we all have to adjust to things being a bit different. 

My daddy goes to therapy everyday instead of werk now to help his memory and thinking abiltees.  They are getting better and his therapists tell him that he is headed in the right direction and there is nothing but hope for him.   But it is very hard for him and especially for my mommy who has to handle everything now and worry about him too. 

Something is odd about my daddy though that I thought many of you buns would find interesting.  He talks like he lives on the other side of the pond now even though he was raised in tex-is.  He doesn't know why he does it and can't stop.  The therapists think it is problem with his speech.  2 fotts are weird.  My mommy thinks that it is because he want's a European sports car and likes to watch Top Gear. 

I have a new house on wheel.  My 2foots and my grandad built me a new burrow.  It has three stories.  
Current Mood: hopeful

28th October 2008

7:20pm: Daddy Update
Daddy is better.  He is trying to wake up.  He opened his eyes lots today and even tried to sit up in bed.   He rubs my mommy's hand too, trying to help her feel better because she is sad.  

Please keep sending good bunny thoughts though!


25th October 2008

8:42pm: My Daddy
My daddy is still sick,  but he is healing slowly.  He hurts and is very sleepy and can't talk and doesn't open his eyes.   But he does squeeze my Mommy's hand tight to let her know he is getting better.  

Please send good thoughts.  I am very worried about my daddy.

Gretchen Bun 

24th October 2008

10:28pm: Sad
 My daddy and mommy were hurt bad in a box on wheels.  My mommy is okay, but my daddy is still very sick.  He is in the hopital with lots of toobs on him.   He is getting better, but it is scarey, especially for my mommy.

Me and the woof are at grandma and grandpa's house.  Grandpa is taking care of us very well.

Please send good thoughts and ask your slaves to pray for my daddy.

28th September 2008

9:33pm: Happy Honks
Do you know what I started doing?: Honking while I give myself a bath! Aren't I a funny bun.

Here is another Honking bun.  This bun Honks A LOT!  I don't do it that much, but this is what I sound like!  You have to actually go to utube to watch it.


14th September 2008

10:16pm: The Hurried Cane
I wanted everybun to know that I and my burrow survived the hurried-cane, Ike. We got lots of water, but it wasn't bad.

But there are lots of 2foots and animals in Tex-is that are not ok. Many burrows are gone and some 2foots and animals couldn't get out of the way in time. I am sad. There are woofs, hee-haws, gators, moos, and sqeerells that are lost or gone to the rainbow bridge. I saw some of them on the light up box. And many of the 2foots are without food or water and burrows. Some of them are lost or gone to heaven. I've heard about some. I hope there aren't more. I am very very sad.

My 2foots have a vacation place by the water where the hurried-cane came. Mommy and her mom worried that it was gone. But I saw a picture of it on the light-up box and it is still there, although it in the sand and much closer to water than before. They were going to go there in a few big round moons before the hurried-cane came. I have never been there, but I have always been afraid of the big white tweets that live there. Now I don't know if I will ever get to go.
Current Mood: sad

11th September 2008

5:36pm: Whew!
It turns out that the 2foots that control the weather say that they will not let Ike come to my burrow. When he gets to me it will only be a big, rainy, windy monster, but not a hurried-can. I can handle that. I just didn't want to leave my burrow. I don't really like my flying box and the tin box with wheels too much. And I thought the hurried-can monster might want me to leave so it could tear up stuff. I will be okay. I am not afraid of big wet windy monsters, if they are not hurried-cans. The woof is though. I will have to tell him to buck up. He is such a wussy woof.


10th September 2008

6:55pm: Worried!
There is a big, loud, windy, rainy thing that is headed right for me. It is called Ike and is a hurried-can. I don't want it to come here. Our burrow is a nap away from the waters and sands, so we usually don't get hurried-cans, only wind, rain, floods, and sometimes toe-a-does. But this hurried-can might get to us! And all the sand and water 2foots are coming here to be safe. But ts will still be here! I don't know what to do.

And what about the buns? Where will they go? Will I have to go somewhere or will I stay here? I'm scared!

10th August 2008

9:49pm: Home Again
My vacation was BOOORING. I am home again and it is BOOORIING! I can't stop being BOORED and I am doing nothing.

Not much to say...I am BORED!

I am mad at my 2foots. They are BOORING too.
Current Mood: bored

2nd August 2008

8:32am: I'm being abundoned!!
Well, not exactly. I have to go stay with my grand2foots, while my mommy and daddy go to Noo Olens. My grand2foots are nice, but I much prefer it here. Why do I have to be abundoned?

25th July 2008

10:06am: My Furs are Falling out!
Is anybun else having trouble with their furs? Mine are leaving me lots and lots! I hope I have some furs left. The hoover monster keeps sucking them up and they disappear forever!

Today I heard the caw tweets when the woof came inside. They are not as scary as the hoot tweets but I still don't like them!

19th July 2008

9:32am: Hoot Tweet
Yesterday I heard a tweet that was saying Hoooo Hoooo. I was scared and stayed real still. I don't think my 2foot could hear it. Her ears are too small.

Also. My mommy is an abuser. She tried to drown me. She watched videos on u-toob of bunnies who like to swim so she put a little water in the baftub and let me touch it with my feet. I let her know I didn't like it one bit and she felt bad afterwards...she should!

17th July 2008

7:19pm: All about Gretchen Bun

Name: Gretchen Girlie Bun
Age: 2.5 years
Breed: Rex/Dutch Mix
Five words to describe yourself: Friendly, Sweet, Pretty, Brave(except w/tweets), Soft
If bonded who to and how long: I am not bonded to a bun, but I am quite attached to my 2foots and the woof

Five words to describe them: The 2foots are loud, silly, and generous. The woof is smelly and apathetic.

Favourite Things

Favourite Toy? a cardboard box
Favourite Treat? bananas
Favourite Time of the day? when my 2foots come home
Favourite 2-foot? I like them equally well. My mommy feeds me, talks to me, and gives me things and my daddy pets me.
Favourite Forbidden Toy / Treat? The cushions on the furniture

Either or

Ear or Nose Rub? Nose rubs
Apple or Banana? bananas
Kale or Sprouts? kale
Binky or Flop? flops lately
Ears up or down? Up


If you were stuck on a desert island which bunny would you choose to be stuck there with and why (can’t be your bonded companion)?
Dandy, so he can groom my beautiful ears

If you could be a Superbun, which supernatural power would you have and why?
Gnaw worm wholes in space

What’s your secret fantasy?
To escape from my pen and dig a burrow in the couch.

1st July 2008

9:18am: My 2 foots.
These are my 2foots at Chrismoose.

I got a new quiet water bottle. At first I didn't know how to use it, but my mom put banana on it and I figured it out. I love water. It is good.

My grandad 2foot loves buns. He is why my mommy likes buns too, but he doesn't have one. He is trying to catch a baby bun that has been in his yard and put it in a cage. He is afraid that it is going to get eaten by a meow. But I tried to tell him that he shouldn't catch it, that it would probably get sick. I don't think he understands me. I hope he doesn't catch it.

5th June 2008

7:46pm: Windy Day
It is very windy here in tex-is. I don't like wind and I don't like tweets. I thumped my foot all morning long!

I am going to stay with my Uncle Kelly with the woof. My 2foots are going to a place of sand in the water a long way from here on a big giant tweet. They are crazy.

Gretchen Bun

18th May 2008

9:04pm: Tweets
The tweets have been really noisey lately.  I can hear them through the 2foot burrow walls.  I don't mind the little tweets, as long as they don't get too close to the glass parts of the burrow.  But there are some big black tweets with loud voices who talk all the time!  I really do not like them.  Sometimes they fly past the glass parts and I run and hide.  Does anyone know why these tweets are so scarey?
Current Mood: scared

9th May 2008

6:43pm: Sad but Sweet
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